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I can’t even express how thankful I am for all the help I have had this past month. We had just a short time to get CrossFit Droogs up and running.

Check out the BEFORE & AFTER pics below…. this all happened in exactly 1 month!

You can see more pictures of the whole process from beginning to end on our picasa web album link from our website



Huge thanks to…
Sam & Ed: For helping me make my dreams come true
My husband Chris: For all your support & putting up with me this past month 🙂
David & Robin (In-laws): For Spending MANY hours helping in any way possible.
Adam: (My lil Broskiii): Coming after/before work/ & your weekends off, doing anything I asked of you.
Megan (Best Friend): Much appreciated helping hand & keeping me “sane” through the process.

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And… MANY more of you, who came to help when ever you had the chance!!! THANK YOU!!!

Opening day was a huge success, thanks for everyone who came out to support me and this new journey. I was lucky to have met a few new faces. I’m excited for you guys to be apart of the new growing community.

Saturday was our first “official” day of scheduled classes….
We had a few people come to the 8am Open Gym hour for some extra help on strength, skill work, & mobility.
9am was our team WOD… Very eventful as we started with Medball Tic Tac Toe for our warm up…. (apparently we had to re-learn how to play) the first game didn’t work out too well. You can see a video on our Facebook page. After that they formed teams of 2 and began their WOD!


So excited for the first full week of classes!

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