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CrossFit Droogs- First Bring A Friend WOD

CrossFit Droogs- First Bring A Friend WOD

Yesterday’s Bring A Friend WOD was a blast. We had a lot of new faces of all age groups.
The morning started with a great warm-up “Bring Sally up” with squats… I think everyone’s legs were screaming’ and were warmed up after that.


 After that… everyone went into Teams of 2…

Buy In: 200M Run Backwards (together)
Tag Team Style…. Partner 1 works, while Partner 2 rests, then switch.
5x Burpees
10x Squats
15x KB Swings
50x MB Situp throws to each other
50x MB Squat throws to each other
Buy Out: 100x DU






 Cash Out: Fun game of Medball Tic Tac toe….

We split the groups up… Under 25 yrs old vs Over 25 yrs. old…
It was a close game… but the youngsters won and the adults were penalized with burpees.


Thanks for everyone who came out, Our next Bring a Friend WOD will be May 14th.


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