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Thruster EMOM

DATE: Tuesday, May 3, 2016


With a running clock…
5x Thruster EMOM increasing the loads every 5 min. until failure
0:00-5min: 5x thruster 75/55
5:00-10min: 5x thruster 95/65
10:00-15min: 5x thruster 115/75
15:00-20min: 5x thurster 135/95
20:00-25min: 5x thruster 155/105….
*etc until you cannot complete the 5 reps within the min.
Pullups Skill work
Those that don’t have them… scaling options will be posted on board.
Those that have them but needs help… we’re going to tighten up form.
Those that have PERFECT pull-ups… see variation on the board.



***Dues are now past due… please come to the front desk when you come in next if you pay by cash/check.

KIDS! ….If you bring your kids while you workout, please make them sit on the bench or out back on the picnic table… I cannot have ANY kids on the main floor while a work out is in session. Also please keep kids off the equipment. Thank you for understanding, I wouldn’t want any child to be hit with a barbell or kettle bell etc.

Parking: Just a reminder… If the front 3 parking spots are taken, please park along the fence as you enter. We haven’t had any issues yet, but I would like to keep my neighbors happy 🙂 Thank you!

The Blog is officially up… take a visit, there will be updates and blog posts posted on website as well as Facebook from time to time.

*Please always… wipe down equipment and chalk marks after your WOD. The next person to use it will be thanking you 🙂 and it keeps the equipment looking nice and new.

*Remember… classes are back to back and Personal training sessions are taking place through out the day. Please don’t show up any earlier than 15 min before class. The warm-up starts at the top of the hour, if you want to come and mobilize out back a few minutes before/after that’s fine, just please wait to start anything before classes etc are finished. Thank you!


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