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Open Gym or Daily WOD Option

DATE: Thursday, June 16th, 2016




Toes 2 Bar Skill work
EMOM: 12 min
ODD: 5x PP 115/75+ ME T2B
EVEN: Rest
5 Min AMRAP:
ME Double unders
EMOM: 12 min
ODD:  5x PP 115/75 + ME Burpees
EVEN: Rest

Mobilize or 3×10 Bar/Ring Dips (Hardest Progression)


Side note: Let the coaches do the coaching.  Athletes should not be coaching other athletes. If you have a question, holler at the coach on the floor. We have specific ways we like to coach and want our athletes to follow suit 🙂

*KIDS!!!  Those of you who bring your kids to watch the WOD while you work-out. Please reinforce the rules with them. They need to sit on either the black bench or the picnic table out back. I can’t have any kids on the main floor at ANY time. I would hate for a barbell or any flying object to hit them. Thanks for understanding.

Parking: Just a reminder… If the front 3 parking spots are taken, please park along the fence as you enter. We haven’t had any issues yet, but I would like to keep my neighbors happy 🙂 Thank you!

Did you know we have a Blog? … take a visit, there will be updates and blog posts posted on website as well as Facebook from time to time.

*Please always… wipe down equipment and chalk marks after your WOD. The next person to use it will be thanking you 🙂 and it keeps the equipment looking nice and new.

*Remember… classes are back to back and Personal training sessions are taking place through out the day. Please don’t show up any earlier than 15 min before class. The warm-up starts at the top of the hour, if you want to come and mobilize out back a few minutes before/after that’s fine, just please wait to start anything before classes etc are finished. Thank you!


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