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3 choices…

DATE: Thursday August 18


 It’s Thursday… you always have the choice of Open Gym. Use this time to work on skills or strength work. 
Time Trials…
100x Pullups
100x Pushups
100x Situps 
100x Squats 
500m Row
400m Run 
*you have the hour to finish
*each exercise is individually timed.
*You may go in any order
*no partitioning 
Skill Level Testing… 
Maybe you are unsure what to do in open gym days… use the sheet you will receive at the gym… you will find out what your strengths and weaknesses are. You must fully “test out” of Level 1 before you can go on to Level 2… etc. These were originally made from CrossFit Seattle by Dave Warner. He created these Skill level tests to inspire clients to make progress in the gym to becoming better athletes. The Skill level testing we will be using is a “tweaked” version of his. 



When: Saturday, September 23, 2016
Where: Tampa Convention Center
What: 2 day CrossFit Competition
Cost: $179 / team of 2
Divisions:MANY! Click the registration link for more information
More Info: and
**This is being held at the Tamp Convention Center during the Tim Gardener Fit and Flex Expo – bodybuilders paradise. If for no other reason, you gotta go see this.  Lots of beautiful bodies that probably can’t do Fran in under 20 minutes! LOL!


Saturday, AUG 20th: Beach WOD 9am @ Clearwater Beach. With our Rebel Family. Lulu Lemon will be on site 🙂 (You may BRING A FRIEND to this event) 
REMINDER: With the class sizes getting bigger, we ask you to please be on the schedule ahead of time and text us to let us know if you cannot make it. It helps to know if we need to pull in another Coach or not. Thank you!


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