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DATE: Thursday, October 6 2016

1 rep max Thruster 
*Many of you are competing on saturday… here’s your chance to get your “game plan” together. 
 Two Choices…

Baseline 2.0

7 Min AMRAP:
WB 20/14
7 Min AMRAP:
3 rds:
9x DL 135/95
6x HPC
3x PJ 
-5x Pullups-
9x DL
6x HPC
3x PJ 
-10x Pullups
6x HPC
3x PJ 
-15x Pullups-
*pullups continue to climb in reps as you repeat the 3 rds each time. 
*THE WOD FRIDAY IS THE WOD…. if you are competing  saturday you will either do the WOD or as a scaled version and mobilize… but this is not your chance to do Open Gym for the competition. Thanks for understanding!

8:00am: check-in
8:30am: demo & WOD standards
9:00am: first WOD starts.
*Please look at the heat schedule again, a few changes have been made. Also, some of you athletes will be judging between heats. Please make sure you are on time and ready when that heat it called. THANK YOU!!!
*There will be a spot out front to put your tent, equipment,  chairs, coolers etc. We will not have room in the gym for everyone to put their bags etc.

$10 Registration is PAST DUE!
Saturday, October 8th:
 To Celebrate our 6 month anniversary, we will be hosting a FUN In-house competition. We want to get EVERYONE INVOLVED!  It will be a fun day, tell friends and family to come 
watch and cheer you on. It will be a great experience for those who are just starting out and those who have been in the game for awhile. If you have any questions, just ask!
Saturday, October 15: Team WOD-Bring A Friend @ 9 am. This is your chance to bring friend or family member that may be interested in CrossFit. Show them what it’s all about. If they decide to sign up, you will receive 50% off next months dues.
Saturday, October 22nd: Barbells for Boobs Charity Event will be taking place here at CrossFit Droogs. More details to come, Stay tuned! 
REMINDER: With the class sizes getting bigger, we ask you to please be on the schedule ahead of time and text us to let us know if you cannot make it. It helps to know if we need to pull in another Coach or not. Thank you!


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