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Pull-up variations & Running Cindy

DATE: Tuesday, November 22, 2016



PULL-UP (Variations) 
*Butterfly Pullups (learning technique)
(Requirement: Must have 10+ unbroken efficient kipping pull-ups)
*If you don’t have  10+ unbroken kipping pull-ups, you most likely don’t have your strict pull-ups…
5×10 Strict Pullups (concentration: lat & back activation)
*Already have nice pretty butterfly pull-ups?
5×10 Chest to Bar Butterfly (or)
5×5 weighted strict pull-ups
 “Running Cindy”
For Time:
1000M Run
5rds: Cindy
800M Run
4rds: Cindy
600M Run
3rds: Cindy
400M Run
2rds: Cindy
200M Run
1 Rds Cindy
5x Pullups
10x Pushups
15x Squats



***PLEASE HELP US KEEP THE BOX LOOKIN’ CLEAN 🙂 We take pride in having a “clean box.” I know y’all are tired after your WOD but please make sure you wipe up your chalk marks, equipment, bodily fluids etc… Your coaches & other athletes will love you for this!

***LOST & FOUND CUBBY IS WAY TOO FULL!!! There’s a bunch of good stuff in here… Please grab your stuff or it will get thrown out. A lot of this has been here for quite awhile now. Please bring your stuff home so each class has a spot to put their bags etc. Thanks for understanding! 
Wednesday, November 23rd:
We will be open in the AM only…. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 11:00am. Please be sure you are on the schedule. 
Thursday, November 24th:
Box is CLOSED. But, we will be meeting up to do the Turkey Trot if you all would like to join. Meeting spot will be at Clearwater High Football field- North end zone @ 7:15, we will snap a group photo then walk on over to the starting line.  REGISTER HERE online for the race! 

Saturday, December 3rd: Team WOD-Bring A Friend @ 9 am. This is your chance to bring friend or family member that may be interested in CrossFit. Show them what it’s all about. If they decide to sign up, you will receive 50% off next months dues. (This would also be a great CHRISTMAS GIFT!) 

Saturday, December 17th @6:30PM:  BOX Christmas Party @ the Livernois house! Save the Date! Please sign up at the box if you are coming and sign up for a dish to pass. THANK YOU!! (Address to Liver household is posted at the box) 

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