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Body Weight

DATE: Monday, December 26 2016

Toes to Bar Stations… 
Beat Swings
Banded Jumps (see drill at gym) 
Leg levers
T2B with Beat Swings (ME attempts) 
4 RFT:
25x Pullups
25x Pushups
25x Situps
25x Squats
100M Sprint



***HELP US Spread the word…
Starting Jan 2nd: For 6 weeks we will be adding a “bootcamp” style class @ 9am (women only). A lot of people are scared of the “CrossFit” name… this will hopefully change all that! For more information check out our HEMI Fit Challenge Facebook page!




Saturday, January 5th:

Bring a Friend Team WOD @9am
This is your chance to invite those friends or family members that are wondering what you’ve been up to and want to learn what CrossFit is all about. This is a free chance for them to come do a scaled WOD with you!!! 



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