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New Years Eve

DATE: Saturday, December 31 2016

OPEN GYM: 8:00
2017 WOD 9:00





***PLEASE HELP US KEEP THE BOX LOOKIN’ CLEAN 🙂 We take pride in having a “clean box.” I know y’all are tired after your WOD but please make sure you wipe up your chalk marks, equipment, bodily fluids etc… Your coaches & other athletes will love you for this!


It’s almost time…. make sure you set some goals for yourself… not just in the gygoalsettingm but personal goals as well. Make them specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and give your self a time frame for completion. If you want help on gym specific goals, talk to your coaches and we will come up with a plan of attack!  

CrossFit OPEN 2017!!! 

Five Weeks | Feb. 23 – March 27
17.1: Feb. 23 – 27
17.2: March 2 – 6
17.3: March 9 – 13
17.4: March 16 – 20
17.5: March 23 – 27

Registration for the Open begins Jan. 12, 2017.

Click HERE! To watch an inspiring video of the CrossFit Games 

REMINDER: With the class sizes getting bigger, we ask you to please be on the schedule ahead of time and text us to let us know if you cannot make it. It helps to know if we need to pull in another Coach or not. Thank you!


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