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a little Cindy… a little DT

DATE: Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

REMINDER: Dues are due the 1st of the month!



5X C&J 135/95
4X C&J 155/105
3X C&J 185/115
2X C&J 205/135
1X C&J 225/155
 For Time:
5 rds: CINDY
3 rds: DT
800m Run
Cindy= 5x pull-ups, 10x pushups, 15x Squats
DT= 12x DL, 9x HPC, 6x PJ 155/105


With the class sizes getting bigger, we ask you to please be on the schedule ahead of time and text us to let us know if you cannot make it. It helps to know if we need to pull in another Coach or not. Thank you!
PARKING: Please help us out…if the front 3 spots are taken in front of our building please park along the fence on the street. Thank you!
 ***PLEASE HELP US KEEP THE BOX LOOKIN’ CLEAN 🙂 We take pride in having a “clean box.” I know y’all are tired after your WOD but please make sure you wipe up your chalk marks, equipment, bodily fluids etc… Your coaches & other athletes will love you for this!



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