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DATE: Friday, February 2nd, 2018

Dues are Due! 

EMOM from 0:00-9:00
5x Thrusters (moving up in weight every 3 min)
EMOM from 9:00-18:00
3x Squat Cleans (moving up in weight every 3 min)
EMOM from 18:00-28:00
1x C&J (moving up in weight every 3 min)
*no rest between EMOM’s
*Goal is to continually increase the load every 3 min from beginning to end.
*Must complete all within the min, score heaviest C&J for min 22-25
3x500m Row
3 min rest btwn.
*score= slowest 5o0m

Saturday, February 17th. 
Part one: “the hunt” guys vs girls
Part two: Cupid Cup: Teams of 2 
Part three: Potluck 
*make sure you have your partner confirmed and shirt sizes. DUE ASAP! 
*If you only want to be apart of the Part one and potluck  only, please let me know. Invite family to watch the event and for the potluck afterwards.
*Once I have everyone confirmed I will work on the schedule for the days events! 

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