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Cheaters Paradise

DATE: Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Reminder: Dues are Due!

 Cupid Cup peeps: start planning on finding one bike amongst you and your teammate!


5x ME sets HSPU
*Score= total # combined
 Death by T2B
“Cheaters Paradise”
4 RFT:
400 M Run
50x Air Squats
*we’ve caught a few recently miss counting reps. Coaches will be counting at random today! Better get out the chalk if you have trouble counting. This is a very easy WOD to “cheat” (hence the name) don’t do it!!!
Compare to: may 4th, 2017

Saturday, Feb 17th: 
Part One: “The Hunt”
Part Two:  Cupid Cup 
Part Three: Potluck 
$15/ Person… I have most of your shirt sizes in, just need confirmation from a few teams. 
Event will start @9am! Once I have the day scheduled out, I will let y’all know what to plan on time wise. Let me know if you have any questions. 

2018 CrossFit Open
This is a great even CrossFit does every year for the Community. $20 to register for 5 different Wods 
18.1: feb 22-26
18.2 mar 1-5
18.3 mar 8-12
18.4 mar 15-19
18.5 mar 22-26 
Divisions: RX, Scaled, Masters and Teens! 
We will have a sign up sheet for you to be judged. stay tuned! 

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