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Buy In…. Buy Out…

DATE: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018



5×5 Press @65-70%
Alt: 5x Strict weighted pull-ups
For Total time:
Buy in: 500m Row-scored
Ring Dips
KB Swings 70/55
Buy Out: 100x DU


Upcoming Bring a Friend WODS 
Saturday, May 19th.
*This should be a friend/family member that would like to see how you train. This is their chance to try us out and has never CrossFit before. If they sign up you will get 50% off your next months dues. 

Sat. May 19th @10am after the Team WOD that morning. If you want to stay and help us clean up the  gym get everything all wiped down to the nitty gritty that’d be sweet! We will have a list posted on all the “to do’s” 

Memorial Day MURPH- 
Monday, May 28th 
Starting at 9:00am (closed the remainder of the day)
*You will sign up at the gym if you are going to do this individual or scaled (this will help us form our heat schedule) 
* If you are doing this as a team… sign up both names together. 
*If you do not have a partner and need one, we will have a separate sign up sheet and we will help pair people up.
*This is coming up quickly, you will need to train for this, we have been training  in the classes for several months now… if you have been slacking lately on your training and plan to do this… you better get your butt in gear or we will make you do a very scaled down version the day of (no exceptions) 

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