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Regionals event 6

DATE: Monday, June 4th, 2018

Reminder: Dues are Due! 


5×7 HBBS
The high-bar position lends itself to staying more upright when you squat, and that hits the quads harder and is more common among those who train Olympic lifts (snatches and clean and jerks). The low-bar style will have your torso bending forward more, but because the bar’s center of gravity is lower, you’ll be able to control it better and push your hips back farther while keeping your chest forward and not down—a key aspect of good form. You’ll likely also feel like using a wider stance with the low bar—slightly outside shoulder-width. Low-bar squatting hits the hamstrings and glutes better and allows you to lift heavier, so it’s more common among powerlifters. 
Regionals Event #6
For Time:
4x Rope Climbs
16x Thrusters 155/105
3x Rope
12x Thrusters
2x Rope
8x Thrusters

Please remember to get on the schedule weekly/daily for all classes. The 7am class is busting at the seems right now. so please let us be aware ahead of time to know how to plan for the day. thank you! 

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