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5- 5 min am raps

DATE: August 29th, 2018


ME Set Pistols in 1 minute
ME Set Ring Dips
 5-5 min AMRAPS

From 0:00-5:00
16x Cal Row
16x BJ 24/20

From 5:00-10:00
16x Thrusters  75/55
16x Pullups

From 10:00-15:00
16x Burpees
16x DB Alt SN 50/35

From 15:00-20:00
16x Mt Climbers (4-count)
16x KB 55/35

From 20:00-25:00
16x Pushups
16x Situps

*This WOD was created from CrossFit Waterbury in Vermont. In memory of 5 high school students who were killed when their car was struck by a wrong way driver. We will do this WOD today in honor of Cyrus, Eli, Janie, Liam, & Mary. 


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