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View From the Bridge :)

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Buy In: 3/4 Mi Run -to Bridge (Cap: 15 Min)

5 RDS:
3 x Up/Down stairs
Run Bridge
3 x Up/Down stairs
Run Bridge

Buy Out: 3/4 Mi Run: Cool down
Walk/Run back to gym


Reminder: As always… Please get on the schedule for the week and make sure to text in if you have any changes! Thank you! 🙂 

Tues/Thurs: Yoga/Moblity class @ 5pm. Sign up in the schedule book. Non-CF members $10/class 

FEB 21st: CrossFit Open Starts! Were doing something new at the gym for this… stay tuned for announcements at the gym. 

MARCH 5k+ We decided to throw a Savage Race in there. March 16th- Dade City, FL 5-7 Miles with 27+ Obstacles. Register under Team “CrossFit Droogs”

APRIL 13TH, WOD Wars @ the Dunedin community center. We already have a few teams committed to doing this competition. 
Teams of 2 (same sex) kid & teens divisions 
Teams of 3 (same sex) Novice, intermediate, RX & Masters 35+ and 45+ Divisions. 

HEMI Macro Challenge we’ve made it for a whole month! 2 more weeks to go! Make sure you turn in your sheets today!

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