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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, February 21st, 2019


5×5 LBBS @70+% 1 RM
Alt:10x Core movement of choice (if you need help with this ask a coach)

4×12 Single arm shoulder press R/L
4X12 Single arm upright row R/L


Baseline 2.0
7 min AMRAP
7x WB 20/14
7x Burpee


Reminder: As always… Please get on the schedule for the week and make sure to text in if you have any changes! Thank you! 🙂 

Tues/Thurs: Yoga/Moblity class @ 5pm. Sign up in the schedule book. Non-CF members $10/class 

FEB 21st: TODAY THE CrossFit Open Starts!
Those of you who have signed up for the open & need to be judged. JUDGE TIMES ARE… Friday @ 5pm, Saturday morning at 8am. This has worked no problem for the past couple years. If you absolutely cannot make one of those times you need to make arrangements with Mallory ahead of time. You need to be signed up in the schedule book if you need to be judge so we can plan accordingly! You will also need to get in warm up and BE READY to go! As you know we do not know the WODS ahead of time so if we can organize this the best we can it will help out! Thank you! 

Listen for details in the classes on the ” CF Droogs Open” we will be doing this year. Please sign up on the board if you plan to do this. (macro challenge people will get bonus points for this) Need to know by Thursday PM if you plan to join in on the fun! 🙂

MARCH 5k+ We decided to throw a Savage Race in there. March 16th- Dade City, FL 5-7 Miles with 27+ Obstacles. Register under Team “CrossFit Droogs”

APRIL 13TH, WOD Wars @ the Dunedin community center. We already have a few teams committed to doing this competition. 
Teams of 2 (same sex) kid & teens divisions 
Teams of 3 (same sex) Novice, intermediate, RX & Masters 35+ and 45+ Divisions. 

HEMI Macro Challenge 4.5 wks down!

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