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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Open Gym or Daily WOD option
Suns Out…. Guns Out!
Circuit Training Style… 4-5x’s through
ME Reps at each station… Rest as needed between
Floor BP
Split Squat- Left
Split Squat – Right
Banded Glute Bridge- With BB
DB Curls
DB Tri Ext.
Weighted Situps
Back Ext- plate


*Please make sure you are on the schedule for the week, text in with any changes.

*If you have not already paid your dues for May… Please see a Coach ASAP! thank you!

If the front 3 spots are taken in the parking lot. Please park along the road and use that 50m as part of your warm up. We understand its a pain, but we need to stick to these guidelines as it is what they are requesting we do. THANKS SO MUCH!

Sign up on the board…. we will be running heats and that schedule will be up shortly.

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