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Thursday, September 26th, 2019


3 sets
10X Ring Rows
10X Hammer Curls
Rest 1 min after the Curls

Part 2:

3 Sets

10X Supinated Grip Bent Rows (underhand grip)
10X Barbell Curls
Rest 1 min after the Curls

Part 3:

3 Sets
10X Bent Over Rows (Overhand grip)
10X Rev Grip Curls DB (palms face down)
Rest 1 min after the Curls

3 sets:
1 min: Max Effort-Empty BB Jump Squats
100ft Banded Side Step

CORE: 3 sets

20x WB Situps
20x Leg Pumps against wall
20x Hollow Body Rocks

The gym move will start to take place this Saturday. Plan to have classes at the new space on October 1st. Please stay tuned as to if we will hold classes on Monday (may still be in moving process etc) THANK YOU!

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