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Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019


15 min: Work on pull-ups
If you don’t have them… work your beat swing
If you have a good beat swing, work strict pullups or the “kip” if your close
if you have good kipping pull-ups, work your C2B pull-ups
If you have all of the above……
see How High you can climb…

1x Strict pull-ups + 1x Beat Swing + 1x Kip pullup + 1x C2B
next round 2… then 3… etc until failure.


“Elizabeth” Cap: 15 min
For Time:
PC 135/95
Ring Dips
*Banded Rings only with Red or purple… not wrapped multiple times arounnd rings!
*Scale down to RX bar dips, then bar dips with band, then box dips or try extensions as needed.

CORE: 15 min…
ME Hollow Hold
10x Hollow Rocks
15x OH Situps (plate)
20x Russian Twist

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