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2 rd Chipper

Monday, October 28th, 2019


5×10 LBBS @55-60%


100ft WL
80x Squats
60x Situps
40x Burpees
20x Pullups


***Please!!! get on the schedule for the week… we are officially back in town and when we came to clean the gym last night for the week there are MANY of you not on the schedule, So please make sure you text in and let us know when you plan to train this week. THANK YOU!

***Theres a few that still owe for your barbells for boobs t-shirt/tank. Please make sure you turn this is ASAP! Also, make sure you are signed up in the schedule book with your partner if you plan to participate. Everything will START at 8:30am so you may want to plan on showing up prior to that! If you didn’t order a shirt, make sure you wear your PINK!

Come dressed up in your costumes on Thursday, let’s see who has the best costume 🙂

Thanks so much to Coach PJ and Coach Ginger for making it possible for us to leave for a whole week vacation. We know it wasn’t easy but we appreciate it so much. Thank you to those who helped paint the gym and decorate for halloween while we were gone, it was nice to see when we came in yesterday. 🙂

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