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Wednesday, October 30th, 2019


EMOM 10 min:
2x Snatch (full)
*Should not be touch and go reps, work up to a decent load without sacrificing form, should be a load you are not at failure. SOLID lifts!


10min: HSPU Practice
If you don’t have them, let’s work on them!
If you have them and can only kip them, let’s work strict HSPU
If you have them but only do them strict, let’s work Kipping HSPU
If you have both, work on ME reps in 5 sets for a total number.


15 min AMRAP:
30x DU
20x KB 55/35
10x Pushups

***Work your weaknesses… if you struggle with a certain movement in your workouts; your priority should be to work on the movement you struggle with and scale what you know you are already good at. Going slower on a workout just to RX the WOD should not be a goal if the workout takes you longer than it should to complete. In most cases the purpose of the workout is your intensity and how you can move (with good form) If you are consistently not finishing WODS or “blowing the cap” you are missing the purpose of the workout. Scaling is NOT a bad thing, we encourage you to scale and scale often. Going balls to the wall day in-day out is not good for recovery and your body will start falling apart. This is not aimed at anyone (want to make that clear) this is something your coaches have seen lately and just want to make it clear why we do things this way. 🙂


Halloween (Thursday) Come WOD in your Costumes!

*Get on the schedule for the week. and text in any changes.
*Turn in your t-shirt/tank money for bb4b
*Make sure you are signed up with your partner in the schedule book.
*Parking: Make sure to park in front of our building and down the center of the parking lot. Please don’t park in front of the other businesses. There’s plenty of parking available. Thank you!

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