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2- 7 min AMRAP’s

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020


5X10 Split Sq
Alt: 10x T2B


7 min AMRAP:
25x DU
10x WB 20/14
10x HPC 135/95


7 min AMRAP:
10x Pushups
10x DL 225/155
100m Run

Our first weekly member spotlight is…

What is Sydney’s athletic background? 
Growing up, She played any team sport She could play that her brothers and the boys played, which meant mostly basketball. Then in high school she transitioned pretty much to just volleyball with some other fun team or partner sports in between. She still coaches volleyball, and loves it. 
When did syd start CrossFit? 
“A friend and former coworker finally convinced me to work out with her and Beck after school. And sometimes Jacky would join us. She first taught me some lifts and different body mechanics and patiently watched me painfully struggle through DUs. Then Mal opened CrossFit Droogs, and my friend said “Now is the time to join! You have to meet Mal.” Thankfully I did, and I’ve been at Droogs for almost four years since then. 
Her favorite lift:  
any type of clean! Which also goes perfectly into the thruster 😃  
favorite skill: 
I don’t think I have a favorite but there are definitely some to work on. Handstand walks one day! 
Favorite WOD: 
I don’t think I have a favorite WOD either. There are plenty I enjoy! And plenty I don’t 😉 but I like variety. 
Side notes: 
Aside from Church, CrossFit h
as been the best community and group of people I’m honored to know. It’s motivating, challenging, entertaining, supportive, refining, and full of so many other good things. It’s just a really special place, and I’m thankful I get to be there. 

Sydney has been with us from the very beginning and she brings so much to the atmosphere in each class she attends. She may always be the first one done 🤪 but she’s always the best cheerleader to this community as well. Thanks Syd for being apart of our journey!

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