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Monday, Mar 23, 2020


5×10 Backsquat
10x Glute Bridge
*If you don’t have weights at home, do perfect slow reps of a air squat and for the glute bridge drive thru the heals hold the top for 5 sec and squeeze the cheeks


“Filthy 50 Covid Version”
50X Box Jumps or Step ups (find a bench or stool if you do not have one)
50X KB/DB Snatch 55-50/35 (scale weight as needed)
50X Good Mornings 45/35 (empty barbell) or grab any weight you have
50X Lunge Steps (forward/back=1) 1 DB 50/35 (scale as needed)
50X Pushups
50X DB/KB DL 55-50/35 (scale weight as needed)
50X Situps
50X Burpees
50X Double Unders
50X WB (if you don’t have a WB find a ball or object to do med ball cleans) or you can do Jump Squats

VIDEO- “time-lapse” Submit to FB Page or send to text line with your score! Thank you!


Below is the Message I sent out to everyone, if you did not receive it please read below, if you have, skip to the next section…

Hello CrossFit Droogs Family….
This has been the hardest part of the 4 years so far that we have been open. We are very sad it has come down to this, but we believe we will come back even stronger if we all stick together! We are ordered to close down the gym until further notice.
We however can choose to either get fit or fat during this time! 😆 I don’t know about you, but I choose the fit side, after all it’s officially swim suit season!
I am going to do everything I can in my control to still give you the best instruction, programming, community etc during this time. Most of you have already checked out equipment from the gym some of you have some already at home. We will be programming different versions of the daily workout each day as normal. So make sure you check the website every day for instructions. I will also be adding a private Facebook group to our members only. We will host live classes through that and the app zoom. We will have daily/weekly challenges, I will be taking personal training sessions at our house, small group meet ups, and Dana will be hosting a small group of people at a time for yoga around our pool out back of our house. (Tuesday @6pm) $5-10/person (all money will go to her) this will be first come sign up basis. We have a lot more ideas in the mix so please stay tuned.
We want to thank you all for the kind words, texts, emails etc. The generosity from you all really shows just how awesome our community really is. It truly means a lot to see everyone in tears as they are picking up equipment saying “this is not goodbye!” We understand that we are not the only ones in this position and understand if you need your account to be placed on hold. What we need from you is feedback on where you stand so we know how to plan moving forward making sure the gym stays in good standing.
Some of you have asked for ways on how you can support us in this time. We are working on a “I back my gym” shirt that will be a minimum $25 donation to help support others who need to freeze their account. This will cover the shirt and the remainder will go towards gym expenses. Anything extra remaining will be used for gift cards in this area of other small businesses that have been affected during this time and will be given back to our community for upcoming events for prizes.
We will get through this ❤️#strongertogether #HEMIstrong #droogsarmy

If you have not added the group “FIGHTING OFF COVID ONE WOD AT A TIME HEMI STYLE” on Facebook, please do so 🙂 this will be a private group.

We are currently working on the following…
* Zoom App for LIVE classes. I need some feedback on when is the best time for these classes. After we decided this we will move forward. I would like everyone to video their workouts and submit their scores. I will still post like always. You can do this through the private FB group or send to the gym text line if you do not have FB.

*Tues. night at 6pm I will be offering a small group Yoga class at my house in our open backyard pool area. Dana Khazendar will be the Host $5-10/person. First Come Sign up so please let me know ASAP if you’re interested.

*Personal Training Sessions at my house or virtual. You can let Mal know if this is something you are interested in.

* “I back my gym” shirt/tank for donations: I am waiting for the design. Once I have that I will post so you can let us know which style/ size you would like. all donations will help cover the cost of gym expenses for those who have also been affected by this and have to put their membership on hold. If we do have any remaining outside the normal expenses, we plan to use that towards buying gift cards from other Small Businesses that have been closed at this time and giving back to our community in prizes for upcoming events.

*We are setting up a VENMO account for the gym for those who usually pay by cash/check each month to make it easier and also if we don’t have a CC on file we can always have you pay for shirts etc. through this app.

*If you are interested in outside small group workouts, please also let us know and we can get something coordinated.

*If any of you have any other ideas/suggestions please share! We do not know when this will end and we are trying to stay positive through all of this.

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