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Pick your poison!

Friday, March 27th, 2020

ZOOM WILL BE UP AND RUNNING STARTING MONDAY! Stay tuned for specific class times each day!

CHALLENGE DAY 5: 10x Pushups!!


5×5 Deadlift
Alt: 10x Box Step ups (weighted)
*no box… stool, bench, curb etc

METCON: (Pick your poison)

For Time:
5K Run (if you have a vest- wear it) 🙂
5k Row
6 MI Bike (stationary or road bike)

Post option you chose and time to the private page!

#memberspotlight #memberappreciation 
Beginning in the 9th grade, I joined the cross country team for the fall and track in the spring, as I learned I was too small to play football. In track I ran the half mile and mile. In college, med school, residency, and fellowship, there was no time for exercise. Once my private practice started, I joined the YMCA to swim laps and work out on weight machines. That lasted a few years until I became too busy at work. 
Over the years, I joined various gyms and worked out as time allowed. In 2009, I made a career change switching from gynecologic oncology to hospice. With that change,I promised myself to start excersing again. I started out at a gym with a coach and machines. About two years later, I joined another gym that had classes, but was not CrossFit. After a while, I felt I had reached a plateau. My wife had joined Rebels and encouraged me to join, which I did. Mal was my trainer and torturer, but I fell in love with CrossFit and of course with Mal. This was 2014. When Mal opened CrossFit Droogs, I followed her. From March 2018 until October 2019, I lived in Gainesville and continued to work out at a CrossFit gym. I rejoined CrossFit Droogs officially then. All along, I have continued to also bicycle on Saturday as often as I could. I thoroughly enjoy CrossFit and Mal’s workouts on most days. Without her knowledge and expertise, I could not be in the shape I am. When I go backpacking with my son, he can see the benefits of my training. I have been at three CrossFit gyms now. 
The family at Mal’s is the best by far. Everyone supports one another, encourages one another, talks to one another, says hello, and welcomes new members as well. I can not imagine working out somewhere else and enjoying it or wanting to go there as much as I do at CrossFit Droogs. Chris, PJ, Ginger, and Adam all contribute to the wonderful place it is.exercise has always been important to me since my track days in high school. I work out now for health both physical and mental. It also allows me to continue backpacking. All of this is important to me. 
Charles is our oldest member (74) but definitely not our slowest. You can see him pedaling down the street to the gym on his bike, greeting everyone in class with a smile on his face and enjoys thoroughly getting to know each and every member he trains with. He always has great stories to tell and we look forward to him each day!

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