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1/2 Murph

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Love seeing all the interaction on our private page. Try to post SOMETHING each day, let us know you’re still in it with us or if you need some encouragement to get your workout in. We’re all here for each other, the good, the bad & the ugly 😛
Post to your stories on Instagram as well… use the hashtags… 
#bettertogether #HEMIstrong #Droogsarmy #crossfitdroogs

Pushup Challenge: Day 12- 24 Pushups


“1/2 Murph”
For Time:
800m Run
50x Pullups
100x Pushups
150x Squats
800m Run
*Wear a vest if you have one 20/14

*partition the reps as needed if needed.
800m Run
10 rds:
5x pullups
10x Pushups
15x Squats
800m run

If you don’t have a pullup bar
Bent over Rows with a barbell or DB

I know some of you are struggling for motivation… but trust me when I say you’ll regret not taking this time to do SOMETHING each day… something is always better than nothing. Even if you don’t do things for time, just do it! When we all come back from this (AND WE WILL) you’ll regret not working out. Murph will be coming soon, we are going to celebrate our 4 years of being a gym and were going to be stronger than ever coming back from this. Lets keep the momentum going, we have a month left of this… encourage each other, motivate each other, and keep pressing on!


Dues are due the 1st of each month- if you typically pay by cash/check you can VENMO us or drop off cash/check in the front mailbox at the gym 
(just let us know if you’re doing that) Thanks for sticking by us during this time. We couldn’t do this without you guys and we’re so thankful to have a community like you! 

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