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1 min Stations

Monday, April 4th, 2020

You can see today’s WOD DEMO on our private FB page


I know you guys have been missing these 🙂 so here we are!
10x Jumping Jacks
10x Arm Circles (10 ea way)
10x Good Mornings
10x Side Lunges
10x Inch worm Pushups
10x Jump Squats

***Barbell Option… for those people who have heavier weights to work with
5×5 @65-70%
Alt: 1 min Plank

***Barbell Option…. for those who have lighter weights to work with
5×10 SLDL
Alt: 1 min Plank

***DB/KB Option…
5×10 SLDL
Alt: 1 min Plank


4 rds: 1 min stations
1. Alternating DB Snatch 55-50/35
2. Goblet Squats
3. DB Hops
4. DB Overhead Situps
5. DB Lunge
6. Rest
*Add up total number of reps for your score

MOBILITY: Spend a minimum of 1 min in each position
-Shoulders Mobs
-Glute Smash

—Virtual Trivia Night is going down SATURDAY- Details TBD (mark your calendars 🙂

—New Week….New Goals Challenge!

How can I help you all stay motivated…?
Some of you are easily motivated, others need some guidelines, here’s one way to help keep you focused during this time. 
Get a Notebook 
Write in it daily below
You get a point each day for each category. 
Turn it in at the end of quarantine and person with most amount of points gets new apparel.

Many of you have asked how you can support us during this time. We have come up with a donation shirt/tank. Each tank/tshirt is a minimum of $25.00. The money will go towards the cost/printing of the shirt and the remainder will be towards keeping the gym afloat for the months to come and any gym expenses we may have until we are able to open our doors again. If we do make more than expected, the remaining money will go towards Gift Cards from other small businesses in our area that are in the same position we are in. We will then give back to our community and those Gift Cards will go towards prizes for our upcoming future events.

We have created a VENMO account for the gym @CrossFit-Droogs you can submit your shirt order and donation through this. There is a notes section and you will let us know what shirt size and style you would like in that spot.
*Womens Recerback Tank
*Womens Crop Tee
*Unisex T-shirt
*Men’s Tank

Examples to write in note section
*1 Womens Racerback tank- Medium $50 (25 shirt-25 donation)
*1x women’s Crop 1x Mens tank $100 ($50 shirts- $50 donation)
*If you don’t want a shirt but would like to donate specify in the notes section.

If you do not have VENMO and would like to make a donation or If you have any questions please text Mallory. Thank you for all your support, we miss you all and can’t wait to come back from this stronger than before!

DEADLINE For the “I back my gym shirts” will be Saturday April 18th!

Those of you ladies who had pre-ordered HEMI tanks right before we were forced to close, they are still coming. Im hoping they will be done this week. Most of you had paid by your CC on file. Those of you who were going to pay by cash can also use the VENMO account to make that payment. I will let you know when they’re in and ill figure out a way to get them to each of you! 🙂

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