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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

Happy Birthday Papa Liv

Due to rain- tried to program something you can do indoors!
Pushup Challenge Day 39- 78x Pushups 


Go to this link HERE, and pick out a few mobility videos to follow based on your soreness or aches and pains you may be feeling. I’m sure you guys have not been stretching near enough 🙂


TABATA: 20 Seconds of work- 10 sec rest- 8x’s each movement

Pullups- Bet over rows or use a towel or sheet with a knot on the end and do “ring rows” in a door way

pushups- Scale to knees or use band as needed

situps- anchor feet if needed

squats- squat to target to make sure you are reaching full depth

Dips- Tricep extensions with DB or Dips off couch or bench

*Score = total number of reps combined
*You will do all 8 intervals on one movement before moving onto the next

Saturday Night Trivia on Zoom JenRon will be hosting this week…. My guess is there will be some Disney trivia so brush up on that category 🙂 See y’all at 7pm! 

We will keep you updated on when we figure out the gym re-opening and all the terms etc.

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