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Every 2 min for 16 min

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020



5×10 DB or BB Floor Bench Press
Alt: 10x Hollow Rocks


Every 2 min for 16 min
20x DB Hops (Jump and land with 2 feet over dumbell=1 rep)
14x DB Power Snatch 50/35
*after you finish you reps, you rest the remainder of the 2 min.

Saturday Night Trivia on Zoom at 7pm! 

We will keep you updated on when we figure out the gym re-opening and all the terms etc. for those that feel comfortable working out in small groups outdoors with 6ft distancing, we will be putting together meet up times at beach/park a few times a week at scattered times. Let me know who all is interested so I can get to planning. Thank you all for sticking by us during this time, we know it has not been easy on everyone, just know we appreciate all of you! 

Dues are due the first of each month. If you typically pay by cash/check you can use our gym Venmo account @Crossfit-Droogs otherwise text the gym line and we will get it all squared away! 

For those that bought the “I back my gym” shirts/tanks I will be trying to figure out a way to get them to you or let you know when we will be working at the gym and you can stop by and pick them up and check out the gym, we’re excited for you all to see it! 

I would like to introduce… 
Ms. Corona Droogs
She Will be making her entrance this morning for her first introduction… she will then be “planted” at her first victims 🏠! You will be required to do a workout with her…. she’s brutal I tell you so no sand baggin on that day. You will write your name on her and you will have less than 24hours to “plant” her at the next member of choice house (if u need help with addresses contact mal) she loves to workout so get ready!!! Let’s see how many names we can get on her before all this is over and we can continue to our normal lives at the gym! She reports back to Coach Mal, so get ready- she doesn’t fair well with slackers!!!

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