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Friday, May 22nd, 2020


10!- NFT


10x C&J 155/105
20x WB 20/14
30x Situps
400m Run


For back to back classes… please make sure you arrive on time and help us out by getting things wiped down and picked up ASAP! With more procedures in place it takes a little longer to get everything squared away and the next class needs to take over the floor! Thanks for understanding and helping us out. The first few days back ran relatively smooth thanks to all of you! 

We are OPEN! with that being said we will have different protocols when coming to train. It is important to us that EVERYONE feels comfortable coming to the gym. We know how important it is mentally and physically for us all. We ask that no matter your views on the virus to just keep your comments to yourself and just be respectful. We know some of you have yourself/kids/parents etc that you need to keep in mind during this time. We know some of you just want things to be back to normal and live your life like nothing has changed. Whichever you believe is fine… however, we will ALL practice safe measures while at the gym and do so accordingly. 

There is a video on our private FB page of how we want things to happen during a class setting. Please help us out by sanitizing your hand when you come in the front door. Your water & gym bag will go with you to your numbered station. Your number station is the number by your name on the schedule at the front desk. Please bring your own water bottle, towel to wipe down your sweat 😛 If you do not feel comfortable using the chalk for your hands in the bucket or sidewalk chalk to mark your rounds (there is no studies on how long or if the virus stays on chalk) we ask that you get your own and bring with you each day to use at your station. if there is a class before yours, please stay out front or on the green grass area and stretch and mobilize. Please make sure you wipe down anything you use in that area. Once the class before yours exits out the side door, the coach on the floor will call the next class in and you will go to your designated area. We will talk about that workout, do your warmup etc while at your stations and we will go from there. Afterwards you will wipe down your equipment. Then we will use the sanitizing sprayer at each station and then come by to mop with our sanitized mop head and disinfect each station. You will put the dirty cloth in the dirty hamper after each class use. We will take any further suggestions on how we can make things better and safer for everyone. 

As always you will need to be on the schedule to train ahead of time, if you are on and you need to cancel you will need to let us know. Please do not just show up to a class. All classes will be capped to 10 people and it is important to the coaches to know what and who to plan for. Use the GYM text line to let us know when you can train and the coaches will write your name in the time slot.

Monday- Thursday 
6am, 7am, 11am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm & 6:30pm 
6am, 7am, 11am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm
8am & 9am 

7AM- Individuals who are wearing a vest for the full workout!
8:30AM- Teams
9:00AM- Individuals who are not wearing a vest and or are scaling the workout.
*Please make sure you are on time and ready to go, these are starting times, come earlier to cheer people on & mobilize!
*If you want a partner and do not have one, let ask know and we will find you one.

We will be setting a new date to celebrate our 4 year anniversary + BBQ once this is all over with. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all! We have fun things planned ahead! 

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