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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, May 28th, 2020


Part 1:
4 Sets:

10X Reps Arnold Press
10x HSPU

Part 2:
3 Rds- Superset

100 FT 1-arm 90 degree Waiter Walks
10X Lat to Front Raise Complex
10X 90 degree Lat Raise
10X arm Single Arm Rev. Fly

Part 3:
5×5 Front Squat
100ft Banded Side Steps
10x Banded Hip Bridge with 5 sec hold


Murph is scheduled for this Saturday. Wear your RED, WHITE AND BLUE! Heat schedule will stay the same as originally planned. Totally bummed about how the weather ended up but hoping to make the best of it come Saturday. Take this as an extra week to prep those pullups and pushups! 

4 year Anniversary will be coming soon (hoping for July) Stay tuned in for the date. We have some fun things planned 🙂 

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