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3 part metcon

Monday, June 8th, 2020


5×7 Pause Front Squats


3 Rds:
35x DU
20x DB Thrusters 50/35 (10 ea. side)

2 min rest

3 Rds:
35x DU
15x Alt. DB Snatch 50/35

2 min rest

3 Rds:
35x DU
10x Pullups


Dues are due the first of the month. If you typically pay by cash/check you can see one of the coaches who are on the floor. You can also pay via Venmo @crossfit-droogs Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you! 

JULY 11th: 4 year anniversary is rescheduled. The theme is “Capture the flags” Please let us know if you plan to attend. Sign up is posted on the whiteboard at the gym in the athlete’s area.

Just a few things to go over to keep the gym running effective and efficently. Please note… not anything below is written about anyone in particular or a specific incident. We realize that some people may not know some procedures and we want to make sure everyone knows them moving forward and with us being open again we may have a few things we want to add to the regular gym duties.

  • STORE: Please help us out with this… we’ve noticed that some of you may not know that there’s a “system” to this. We ask that you guys make sure to write down anything you take from the store (yes even if it’s just a water) Then let us know how you are going to pay for it- cash, check, CC you have on file or even VENMO (@crossfit-droogs) This is how we keep track of inventory. We ask that if you use VENMO you make the payment by the end of that day. It makes it much easier for us to track. As always, if you have any questions or maybe you need to get some cash back, let us know. This is just the easiest and most effective system we can come up with at the moment that doesn’t require pulling a coach off the floor to “run the store.” Thank you for all your help!
  • We do not like to have a bunch of so called “rules” but we do need to keep some procedures in place. ALL of you have done an amazing job with all the cleaning of equipment and getting everything squared away for the next class. We appreciate all you’ve done for that!
    *****We are now allowed to run at full capacity. We will allow up to 15 people in each class. You will still be required to clean up AS ALWAYS after yourselves just like we’ve been doing. Leading up to the class we still want you to stay off the main floor until the class ahead of you is finished. (warm up and mobilize during this time-i know most of you need it) You have also done a great job for the most part at getting on the schedule. Please DO NOT stop doing this, this has been something that has always been in place and it helps us coaches get ready to plan for the classes coming in. Please arrive to classes ON TIME (yes even on open gym days) We understand things come up, we know many of you have kids, or are required to be on standby with your phone for work- we get it! But please try your best to be on time.
  • OPEN GYM: The reason why we give the opportunity for open gym is to work on those skills or some strength that you may be struggling with and need the extra time to work on. This is the time to GET BETTER AT THE THINGS YOU SUCK AT! EVERYONE has something! Work on mobility, work on perfecting your squats, get your strict pull-ups, strengthen your shoulders and use the Crossover Symmetry program. We understand that you may have missed a WOD earlier in the week that you may want to do. GO FOR IT! BUT Please take notice however that the regular WOD posted for that day takes precedent over everything else. Please don’t come in with a WOD that takes up every bit of equipment and space just to do that WOD. Think to yourself first how is this WOD making me better? You don’t typically get better at movements during a WOD that’s for time. You get better by focusing on that skill and working on them without being on a clock. Especially during this time and during classes with many working components and keeping space from others we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you ever wonder what to do, ask the coach on the floor. This is why you have a coach… to help YOU GET BETTER- USE THEM!
  • CONTROLLING YOUR BARBELLS: This is to keep the longevity of the equipment. We need your help. If you have weights over your head that you cannot control and you have to drop it- it probably means its too heavy. Especially with the black plates, they are too thin to be dropped all the time from that high of a distance (they are starting to crack in the center due to this) please guide your bars down from a safe distance. This will also keep barbells from flying all over the place. Keep your core tight and guide that bar down. We are not saying NEVER DROP A BARBELL! No this isn’t LA fitness! Yes you can, but controlled and if you have black plates on please don’t until below the waist! Thank you!
  • Putting equipment away…. Most everyone is really good at this and majority of the time, things are put away. But things we coaches are constantly trying to tidy up… the ABMATS- they ALL fit on that shelf (yes you may have to straighten some out) but they do all fit. Please don’t just throw them on top. DUMBELLS & KETTLEBELLS don’t just put them back just anywhere… you can see a system that we have based on where you got them from. They are typically lined up by their same weight or color and the dumbbells are always in pairs stacked on top of each other. Please just help us out and take a little extra time in keeping things organized. If you use the Crossover Symm. system and you move the clips down, when you are finished please put them back towards the top so they aren’t just laying hanging on the ground (its a tripling hazard) and it looks unorganized It’s the first thing you see when you enter the gym. I know everyone likes to see the gym clean and organized. We just need everyone’s help to make sure this happens.

We appreciate all of you, you guys are awesome and we couldn’t be happier with this community of people! We as coaches want nothing more than to make you all better. Please as always ask any questions and never feel afraid to ask!

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