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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Open Gym or… You Pick between A or B Below

This will take the whole hour
NFT: Max Reps
Bench Press @ body weight
*you will do your set up BP and immediately go into a ME UB Set Pullups
*Rest as needed between rounds
* Share the benches and Spot for each other.

SWOD: Crossover Symmetry
“Elizabeth” -BMG
For Time:
PC 135/95
Dips (Ring)

Reminder: This is a day to work on those skills or movements that you struggle with— Saturdays included. If you just put movements into a “metcon” you will not get better at them. You need to do them in a SWOD/SKILL session. Work the progressions, ask a coach for help, do multiple sets/reps, Ask to be videoed so you can see yourself doing them etc.

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