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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

If you are sore from this week…
Do the Crossover Symmetry program alongside a series of Mobility movements for total body. (List on board) if you don’t know what they are ask the coach on the floor to show you. Spend an hour doing something that benefits your body. Don’t keep tearing it down by doing MORE all the time.


Every 2 min for 6 minutes (0:00-6:00)
10X DB Curls (not alternating)
10X DB Skull Crushers

Every 2 min for 6 minutes (6:00-12:00)
10X Alternating Hammer Curls
10X Standing DB Tricep Extensions

5×10 Floor Bench Press
Alt ME Leg Lifts

3×10 BTN BB Lunge
Alt: 10x Box Negatives (5x each side)


Dues are due the 1st of each month. Please see a coach before your class starts if you typically don’t have auto payment. Thank you!

Please get on the schedule before you leave or text in to get on or to make any changes so we know what to plan on for the day! Thanks!

Please make sure to wipe everything down you use and the floors etc before you leave your class. We have 100% rate of nobody inside the gym getting sick and or spreading anything (knock on wood) so let’s please keep this up! Thank you all for understanding.

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