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Monday, January 18th, 2021

Flash Back to the CF Droogs Open Teams


20 rep Squat Challenge #4: Once again you will have 15 min starting at the top of the hour to complete your warm up plus your 20 squats. Please double up on the racks and warm up together in the bigger classes.

3×10 OH Split Squat

5×2 Split Jerk


4 RFT:
50x DU
15x BJ 24/20
100m Sprint
1 min rest

Challenge DAY 8! If you still owe $25 (cash) for the challenge please bring that in. Your Macro sheets are DUE TODAY! We will not be accepting late ones. Please put the in the “week one” folder in the green binder on the cart at the gym. Then grab a blank sheet for this week to be filled out. Keep up the good work!!!

Each week you will have 3 different types of abs: Tabata, AMRAP, Sets/Reps 
Below you have all 3 for the first week. 

TABATA: 40 sec of work :20 sec of rest x2 rounds
Flutter kicks
Tap Crunches
Floor Thrusters with Push-Up
Hollow V-up to Arch Roll

10x X-ups
10x Side Plank touches
10x Weighted sit up
10x Leg up- raises

3 RNFT: 
20x Bicycles
20x Reverse v-up Slides
20x Hollow Rocks

MOBILITY CHALLENGE: You will complete this on your own 3x a week
Ankle Mobility (30 sec ea side)
Dynamic Hip rotations (1 min)
Figure-4 (1 min-ea. side)
T-spine rotation (wall) (30 sec ea side)

Scapular Wall Slides (1 min)
Shoulder Towel Stretch (30 sec ea side)
Pec Stretch (30 sec ea side)
Trap stretch (30 sec ea side)


*Dues are due the 1st of each month. Please see a coach when you come in to train next. Thank you! 

*Please continue to get on the schedule AHEAD OF TIME for each class you plan to train in. Please text the schedule line if you have to make any changes. Thank you! 

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