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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, February 4th, 2021


SWOD: If you missed mon/wed- Make up your 20 rep max back squat. The clock will also start for this at the top of the hour. you will have 15 min to complete your warm up + your 20 squats.

SKILL: this clock will also start at the top of the hour… you will have 15 min to work on skill work and progressions towards your monthly goal. Ask a coach for help!

MOBILITY: Some of you can use this time towards your mobility challenge (see below details) 10 min total

Ab Challenge (see below)


5 rds:
5 clockwise/5 counter clockwise Plate Halos
10X DB Upright Rows
10x Push Up + Pull Across
10x Ring Rows/Supine Barbell Rows

5 rds:
10x Floor BP
10x Lat Pull downs
10x Hanging Scap Retract.

Challenge DAY 25! Keep up the good work! This is your last week! Let us know if you want to continue with tracking and we can help guide you accordingly.

Each week you will have 3 different types of abs: Tabata, AMRAP, Sets/Reps 
Below you have all 3 for the first week. 

TABATA: 40 sec of work :20 sec of rest x2 rounds 
WB Situps 
Hanging Leg Raises 
Wall Slams- R 
Wall Slams-L 

6 min AMRAP:
3x Inch worm Pushups
6x Heel taps in/outs
9x V-ups
12x Plank Hip Shift tchs

3 rds:
20x Russian Twist
1 min Plank
20x Wt’d Situps

MOBILITY CHALLENGE: You will complete this on your own 3x a week 
Lower: (1 min ea side) 
Hammy Stretch
Side Lunge Shifts- 1 min 
Leg Swings 

Kneeling T-Spine Rotation- Wall 
Arms Swings Across/Up n’ down 


*Please continue to get on the schedule AHEAD OF TIME for each class you plan to train in. Please text the schedule line if you have to make any changes. Thank you! 


CrossFit OPEN 2021. As always you can sign up online if you wish to compete worldwide in the open. We will also do a In-house fun team open for our gym. we did this 2 years ago. Stay tuned for team captains and how this will go down. 

MARCH (date TBD) Our Annual Quadathon 

WOD Wars: April 17th. Teams of 3 (same sex) multiple divisions available. This year it will be hosted at Valor Fitness. Let us know if you have a team put together or if this is something you would be interested in and we can help form some teams. 

Masters Mayhem: Individual Masters Competition-35 years old and over. Hosted at CrossFit Palm Harbor May 8th.

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