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Every 2 min…

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Congratulations to Geoff on getting promoted to Sergeant!



10x Floor BP
5x Seated Floor Press
10x Pushups (on barbell)
10x BOR
10x T2B


Every 2 min for 22 min
2 min: Bike (cal)
2 min: KB 55/35
2 min: Row (cal)
2 min: Rest


Sign up for MURPH is on the board in the athlete’s corner. CLAIM YOUR SPOT!!! We will be running heats on Memorial Day Monday (in the AM) Let us know if you plan to join and take on a true Hero WOD.

DUES ARE DUE THE FIRST OF THE MONTH! Please see a coach when you come to train next. Thank you! 

Reminder: Please clean up after EVERY class- (Put equip away, spray, mop etc) If everyone pitches in at the end of class it goes much faster! We appreciate it! 

The yoga studio next door has kindly asked not to park in front of their side of the building parking spots, specifically Thursday pm but if you see them open, Please stay in front of our building or park in the center of the lot further down! THANK YOU! 

*Please make sure you are on the schedule each day you come to train. Text in any changes you may have throughout the week as needed. Thank you! 

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