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Posterior Chain Torture + a SPRINT!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Happy Birthday Kay


20x SLDL 135/95
20x DL
20x Sumo DL
20x Dbl KB Russian Swings
  • You will Double up with a partner
    (doesn’t mean you have to do the same load)
  • Rest between sets
  • This is not for time
  • We’re going to be very picky about form today (not that we aren’t any other day)… we will be working slower movements and really want you to feel “locked in!”
  • Please scale weights accordingly. This doesn’t “look” heavy but you will feel VERY sore in your back side for days to come!!!


It’s a Sprint…
For Time:
400m Run
30x Alt. Jumping Lunges
20x Burpees
10x Pullups

*Please do us a favor and do not park (at any time of day) in front of the yoga studio. They have said they are open “full time now” so please park in front of our side of building or down the center of the parking lot further down. Thank you for understanding!

*Dues are due the 1st of each month. Please get with a coach when you get to the gym the next time you train. Thank you!

*Please get on the schedule for the week. Text in any changes you may have. This allows us coaches to know how the flow of the class will go and if we need to cap out any classes. Thanks for understanding.

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