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8 Rounds

Monday, June 28th, 2021

NEW! CrossFit Droogs official “Gym Bag”
This will hold all your gear and then some! Available for pre-orders!
We will also be selling patches in the store and will be doing a new achievement patch/pin that you can earn based on a few challenges for your new bag! Let us know if you want to order one! The quicker you sign up, the quicker we can get these in… they ship fast! Pick your color as shown above. Mil Green, Black or Khaki (“coyote” if you ask Cason)


5×5 Press
Alt: 10x Hollow Rocks


8 Rounds
200 Meters Slow Jog
200 Meters Sprint
Rest 1 Min between rounds

Score: Total Time
Do NOT mess up the paces to try to get a better time!As soon as you hit that 200 meter mark (which is the 400m marker) turn around & hit the gas!


*STARTING NEXT WEEK… for the month of July. We will be doing all the things for pulling in helping you guys get your pull-ups, chest to bars, bar muscle ups… etc etc… building progressions towards those movements. We will do this programmed every tues/thurs as a class.

*Please do us a favor and do not park in front of the yoga studio. They have said they are open “full time now” so please park in front of our building or use the spots down the center of the lot, in the extended parking lot further down -about 50m 🙂 Please also don’t park in front of another unit’s building (Conforti, k&K Customs, Electric buildings. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING! 🙂

*Please get on the schedule for the week. Text in any changes you may have. This allows us coaches to know how the flow of the class will go and if we need to cap out any classes. Thanks for understanding.

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