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Filthy 50

Friday, August 27th, 2021

Happy Birthday Johnny

“Filthy 50’s”
For time
50x Box jump 24″/20″
50x Jumping pull-ups
50x Kettlebell swings 55/35
50x Walking Lunge
50x Knees 2 Elbow
50x Push press 45/35
50x Back extensions (using plates for good mornings 25/10)
50x Wall ball shots 20/14
50x Burpees
50x Double-unders

*This is probably one of the easiest workouts to not count correctly… If you are trying for a good score (those of you who are competitive and trying to make the board), be honest, count and complete ALL your reps, you are only cheating yourself. If you’re scaling the work out and doing less reps, go for it, that’s what the scaling is for and we encourage you to scale properly. But please don’t claim you’ve done 50 reps when you’ve only done 42 etc etc. The coaches have been watching and most the time your fellow athletes in the class also realize it too. I hate typing a post like this, but everyone once in awhile it needs to be said as another reminder. Thank you! NOW GO CRUSH FILTHY 50 or FILTHY 35 IF THATS WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO SCALE 🙂

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