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Open Gym or Daily WOD

Thursday, September 9th, 2021


4 RDS:
20X Alternating Single Arm Shoulder Press
100m Farmer Carry (AHAP)

4 RDS:
16X Push Up + Renegade Row
100m Overhead Plate Carry 45/35

4 RDS:
10x Floor BP
10x Floor Wipers

Special Workout Saturday for Team WOD at 9am. If you have an American Flag (large one) we can use, let us know. We are looking for 13 total. Put your name on the board and bring in before Saturday. Thank you! 

Please get on the schedule EACH DAY to train… and text in if you have any changes. This helps us know what to plan for each day. Thank you! 

Thanks for continuing to do a great job after each class on wiping down your own equipment + working together on getting the floors done.

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