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Adam will always be Coach Mal’s little brother, but he most definitely holds his own on the gym floor! Being a brother to three sisters will definitely toughen a man up. Adam was born and raised in Holland, Michigan, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Hope College in Holland. He was very athletic growing up, playing football, baseball and golf in high school and football in college. He coached athletics from 3rd and 4th grade football to high school football and some stints in football camps associated with the NFL.

Adam was first introduced to CrossFit by his sister and was drawn to it by it’s competitive nature and high level of fitness.

I always enjoyed working out and CrossFit seemed to be that next level of fitness that I was looking fora after I finished football in College.”

I always wanted to be in the fitness industry, but wasn’t always sure that it was personal training. I notice the less than average personal trainers that were being offered up to clients in the local chain gyms back home and knew that I didn’t want that to be med. After Mal introduced me to CrossFit, I knew that becoming a CrossFit coach was something that I was interested in. CrossFit athletes are motivated to work hard and are excited to learn, and that’s something I wanted to be a part of.

Adam may seem quiet, like his sister, but as soon as you get to know him, he’s funny, a
bit cynical, and quite the character! Moreover, he’s become a highly competitive athlete and Regionals hopeful for Hemi S&C…as long as the WODs stay in his wheelhouse. Adam admits to having favorite types of WODs: small chippers with a variety of movement that he can quickly work through to keep his mind focused on the next thing, and not seemingly an unending task to work through. He also loves barbells WODs like DT. He hates running anything over a 100M sprint and similarly despises rowing. He’s one of the few hard charging athletes we know that can laugh shortly after a WOD.

He has some favorites: bacon cheeseburger with an egg, apple pie and Mountain Dew. Unlike most men his age, he hates peanut butter!

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CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science

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