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Liver is a Florida native who has had an athletic background growing up. Liver grew up playing baseball, surfing and had a sort of “globo-gym” style lifting history. Liver has one sister & wife. He’s a Clearwater Police Officer by day, CrossFit Coach by night. One of the things we love about Liver, he sets an example for his fellow officers – being fit enough for the job.

Liver has a laid back, easy-going personality, which makes him super approachable as a coach. He’s very patient (you have to be to be in his line of work) and funny – good qualities in a coach.

Liver has been CrossFitting since 2010. He’s found, over the years, that the Deadlift and his tight hamstrings are a chink in his CrossFit armor! Aside from that, he excels at muscle ups – one of the few people who say that movement comes easy to them, and his favorite WOD is Amanda…Oh, and bicep curls…Son’s Out Gun’s Out!

His entry into coaching came about because of his wife, Coach Mallory, he wanted to be able to support her and work with her when not on duty. CrossFit to Liver means pushing your body past it’s breaking point. Trying to keep up with Mallory in a WOD will most certainly break someone!



CrossFit Level 2


Repel Master

Defense Tactics Instructor