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The Khazendar Family…

My family and I (Dana-42) had been looking around for a gym to workout regularly. We tried a few places and our biggest problem was the commitment, we’d always make excuses to not go, or drag ourselves to workout. We started private training with Mallory a year and a half ago and we’re still hooked, all four of us are always exited to get to the gym. Mallory always surprises us with different workouts and different challenges, she pushes us hard, but we always want to come back for more.

I personally started with knee pain and a bulging disc in my neck that restricted me from doing many things, now I really feel nothing in my knees and she has me squatting with heavy weights, lunging and running, and my neck feels so much better too.

My daughter (Zeena-15) is an elite volleyball player. Mallory has helped her so much with her sport, she has improved so much in her performance. About nine months ago my daughter was injured from Volleyball and had knee surgery. Mallory was so supportive, and with her training, she helped her get back in the game good as new.

My son (Yezen-12) has Tourette’s syndrome and doing personal training improved his control over his tics so much, boosted his confidence, and stepped up his soccer performance.
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My husband (Sam-59) has a disc in his lower back. He really restricted himself from doing so much. Sam never ran in his life, was never a “gym type” of person, walking was his only workout. Now Mallory has him running and climbing walls and he does rope climbs.

I definitely recommend private training for anyone, our family has bonded so much over this sport. but I must say you have to be careful and have a coach who knows what he/she is doing. And I’m telling you Mallory knows what she’s doing, she has so much knowledge and she has been great support for my family.

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I have been very fortunate to have Mal as my CrossFit Coach both in a WOD setting and as a personal trainer over the past four years.

I had been working out regularly for a number of years at LA Fitness, Bally’s, etc and I have had several trainers with impressive knowledge and certifications, including one who was a professional bodybuilder and another who trained others professionally for many years. I thought they were possibly the best I could find and I did at times make some good progress with each of them. I thought they taught me all the basics and that my form was great and besides adding weight to the bars (or the machines), I pretty much “knew it all”.

Fast forward to 2012 when I started CrossFit. Needless to say, it was a shock to my system and I quickly realized that I probably never really worked out before! I was in doubt as to whether or not I could actually do CrossFit after the first few sessions, but I really wanted to, so I decided I’d stick with it no matter what for at least six months. During the first few weeks it became obvious to me that there were so many things that I couldn’t do and that my skills, form and certain physical limitations were stopping me from getting anywhere. So, I filled out a form for some 1 on 1 training and luck had it that Mal was going to work with me.

That was four years ago and since then I decided to keep my 1 on 1’s going with her every week. There are so many things that she has helped me with. Mal has an incredible eye for form, picking out the minutest details and getting me to do each lift or movement correctly. The first thing I recall her helping me with were overhead squats – couldn’t do much more than 35# and she helped me move up to 105#. She taught me how to do kipping pull-ups, climbing a rope, cleans and so many other things. She got me through almost all of my Level 1 requirements (still working on getting those 20 double unders, though!) and well into my Level 2 requirements. She has a really broad depth of knowledge of CrossFit and sports in general and she is able to use all of it to get really great results. Oh, and she also was instrumental in helping me win “Athlete of the Quarter” a couple years ago!

She’s very patient and makes sure that every session ends on a win, where you definitely accomplished something and know that you are better than you were before the session. She keeps me at it, encourages me and is very validative, too. Her knowledge and ability as a coach is far superior to anyone else that has ever trained me.

I must also mention that she is a high quality person. Very nice, interested in others, helpful and I consider her to be a very good friend.

Being that I am turning 60 this year, I feel that the private sessions are very worthwhile to keep me progressing in CrossFit. I plan to keep working out with Mal indefinitely. I highly recommend her as a Coach and highly recommend anyone who wants to improve and get the most out of CrossFit to do some one on ones and work with her as much as possible.

Thanks for all your help, Mal!


Ken Kramer

AKA “OBG”-Old Bald Guy (Age 60)

You’ve had special people in your life. You know – the ones you liked, the ones that helped you somehow, the ones that inspired you? A teacher, a coach, your mother or father? Special people.

Mallory is one of my special people.

I remember my first day at Crossfit. Mallory showed me around and I was so impressed. I think she was a little surprised when I kept trying to hand her my credit card!

The thing about Mallory is she is experienced, caring, attentive like a hawk, friendly and doesn’t let you slack off! (plus, she was a college softball pitcher!)

My body loves to be worked out! It’s like taking a dog for a good hard run each day.

The way I figure it, you can be a coach potato or a certified bad ass. Pretty easy choice! 🙂 I’m almost 60. I’m not quite a certified bad ass yet, but I’ve lost 30 pounds or so in about 9 months, feel very athletic, stronger and I’m improving.

I highly recommend Mallory if you want to improve your physical condition!